Introducing Heartsong Presents!

Harlequin’s newest addition to our inspirational fiction lineup.

Heartsong Presents novels are inspiring faith-filled romances that reflect and strengthen your Christian values. These contemporary and historical stories emphasize God’s role in every relationship and reinforce the importance of faith, hope and love, guiding characters to stay true to their faith and commitments.

The Heartsong Presents series is Christian romance at its finest and we are overjoyed to be able to share them with you. They are written to uplift your thoughts and inspire you to be a better Christian—all this while being a thoroughly romantic read. In every book you’ll enjoy the honest, God-honoring love between a man and a woman. You’ll follow their journey from discovery of each other to courtship to the highs and lows of a real love that is deep and satisfying.

In each of these romances, some aspect of faith is explored as the heroes and heroines struggle to stay true to God despite disappointments and temptations that come their way. You will find renewed confidence in God and courage to carry on in the spite of your own strife as you take the journey with these relatable characters and see them emerge from their trials with their faith not only intact but reinforced by their tribulations.

Not only will the protagonists capture you but you will be swept up in vivid storytelling set in places and eras that come alive with rich detail. These books are filled with unforgettable realism that engrosses you to the extent that you feel you are there, be it nineteenth century North Carolina or twenty-first century New York City.

Heartsong Presents truly offers something for everyone when it comes to Christian romance. Each month two contemporary stories dealing with current issues faced by modern Christians are provided as well as two historical titles that delve into the trials and tribulations faced by our pioneering ancestors. But in all the stories, the Christian virtues of faith, hope and love are not only present but emerge to triumph over the evils and temptations of any given time. And, as with all of our inspirational series, there is a depth to the plots and a happily-ever-after ending that makes for an enjoyable reading experience.

If you’ve never read a Heartsong Presents book but are a fan of Love Inspired, you’ll be happy to know that some of your favorite authors write across the series. Authors like Linda Ford, Elizabeth Goddard, Irene Brand, Susan Paige Davis and Janet Lee Barton. These women are some of the best inspirational storytellers writing today.

As an introduction to the Heartsong Presents series, here is a preview of this month’s selections.

In The Greatest Show on Earth by Rachel Phillips, Lauren Pellegrino, the widow of a Hollywood stuntman, hopes for a quiet, safe life with her twin sons in Peru, Indiana—far away from her late husband’s legacy. Instead, she and her boys discover a circus amid the cornfields in which local children star in unicycle, trapeze and high-wire acts. With great reluctance, Lauren permits her boys to participate. But even juggling proves less safe than she imagined for the twins—and herself—when their teacher is Kyle Hammon, a farmer juggler unafraid to love. Lauren welcomes the challenge of a new life, but will she protect her family by choosing the safest path or will she welcome the risk of love?

In Myra Johnson’s A Horseman’s Gift, Felipa Beltran realizes she is tired of living her parents’ dreams. After years in New York as a struggling musician she decides to return to her hometown and move forward with her life—on her terms. Also returning home is her childhood friend, Nathan Cross. Nathan’s dream of being a business mogul has also derailed as his father’s untimely death sends him home to carry on his father’s legacy of running an equine therapy program. When Nathan realizes Felipa is back in town, he questions if she is indeed the girl he thought she was as she seems to have sacrificed everything her parents dreamed for her. Can Nathan and Felipa find contentment in their God-given gifts?

Taking a Risk on Love by Irene Brand opens with ex-Confederate soldier Vance Bolden’s discovery of a young woman washed ashore. Determined to help her, the already daunting task is compounded by the discovery that she is with child and this conjures up memories of the young wife and son he lost while he was in the army. Evelyn Weber had embarked on a journey from London to North Carolina to do God’s will and work among the Cherokee. Stranded and not knowing of her husband’s fate, Evelyn sees a hard road ahead where trusting a stranger is her only route to survival. Despite wounds from the past, can Vance and Evelyn take a risk on each other, on God and on love?

The last title is Harvest of Hope by Connie Stevens. This is the story of Auralie Covington, who is promised to a man she barely knows but whose political connections with her father resulted in the arranged marriage. She dreads being an ornament on a man’s arm but doesn’t know how to change the inevitable. Meanwhile she encounters Colton Danfield, who works the land and raises sheep in the Georgia mountains. Though their attraction is mutual, Auralie knows that they are from two different worlds. Will they be able to see past preconceived notions and bridge differences to find love?

The Heartsong Presents series is available now! Call customer service at 1-800-873-8635 to try these books for free!

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