Introducing the Texas K-9 Unit


by Emily Rodmell, Associate Editor, Love Inspired® Books

There’s a special treat coming soon for Love Inspired® Suspense readers. Starting in January 2013, you’ll meet the men and women—and dogs—of the Texas K-9 Unit. There will be six books (one each month) that will introduce you to a K-9 cop who, along with their doggy partner, will track down the crime syndicate that is causing trouble in Sagebrush, Texas, and fall in love with that special someone.

I love editing continuity series such as this one because I get to come up with fun concepts and watch the authors bring them to life. For continuity series, the editorial staff of Love Inspired Suspense dreams up a concept for an interconnected series. We loved the idea of bringing animals into the forefront of this one, and we knew our authors would be excited, as well. So the Texas K-9 Unit seemed like the perfect way to bring the suspense and animal world together. Once we had the concept, we picked six Love Inspired Suspense authors that we thought would do this series justice and gave them an outline of the series that offered the framework for the overall concept and characters. They then worked together to make sure all the plot threads flowed through each book as they fleshed out their individual romances and suspense elements.

This was an especially fun series for us all to work on because we know many of our readers love dogs. And our six fabulous authors were no exception. They loved working with the canine characters almost as much as they did the human ones. Each dog has a unique personality that perfectly complements their partners.

The Texas K-9 Unit miniseries includes:

-Tracking Justice by Shirlee McCoy: Justice the bloodhound and his partner Austin Black work together to save a missing boy and reunite him with his mother.

-Detection Mission by Margaret Daley: Kip the retriever and his partner Lee Calloway help a woman who is in danger and can’t remember who she is.

-Guard Duty by Sharon Dunn: Rookie officer Valerie Salgado and her rottweiler Lexi are paired with an FBI agent in town to track down a fugitive.

-Explosive Secrets by Valerie Hansen: Titan the Labrador locates explosives so his partner Jackson Worth can keep a woman and her unborn child safe from a bomber.

-Scent of Danger by Terri Reed: Sherlock the beagle sniffs out drugs, helping his partner Parker Adams work with Detective Melody Zachary to track down her nephew’s killer.

-Lone Star Protector by Lenora Worth: Retired K-9 dog Chief the German shepherd and a K-9 dog-in-training help Captain Slade McNeal and trainer Kaitlin Mathers find the captain’s missing police dog Rio.

I can’t wait for these books to hit the shelves. Look for them January through June wherever Love Inspired Suspense books are sold. For more insider information about Love Inspired Suspense and the editorial process, follow us on Twitter: @LoveInspiredBks and @EmilyRodmell

There are 4 Love Inspired® Suspense books available each month, in regular, larger print and true large print.

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