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Author Spotlight: Elizabeth Beacon

Another week, another Author Spotlight. Today we have Elizabeth Beacon, a Harlequin Historical author! This interview for me was so fun – as I find history very fascinating, and I just find that historical books really are becoming that much more interesting. So find out all about Elizabeth’s new book – and don’t forget to check out the Fun Facts section!

elizabeth beach

Your new novel, The Viscount’s Frozen Heart sounds so interesting! Can you tell us a little more about your character Chloe? I know an author shouldn’t say this about one of her own, but I love Chloe; she has to fight for everything she has and raise her daughter on her own. Read More »

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Top 10 Covers for July

It’s July, the summer heat is here, and my pool is finally open. So I’ve definitely been lounging around on the weekend – getting my reading in. I’m not sure about you, but when I’m shopping around for a book, I am always intrigued by the cover. Some are just so artistic and beautiful it makes you want to buy the book without even knowing what it’s about! I’ve put this list together of my Top 10 favorite covers for July. Let me know what you think of them!

top 10 Read More »

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West Country Farmhouse Apple Cake (Shared with us by author Elizabeth Beacon)

Apple Cake

As I can only do cake, which says a lot about me I’m afraid, this is my recipe for West Country Farmhouse Apple Cake and I’ve done my best to forget my usual smidgeon of this and a pinch of that and be serious about quantities for once. Half the fun of this one is having an orchard full of apples and finding out how the different ones change the texture and flavour of the cake, but it works just as well with a commercial variety.

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Stay Cool & Refreshed This Summer

Wow! It is a hot summer, but I am certainty not complaining! I’d honestly prefer the warmth over snow any day, but hey – that’s just me! I know some of my friends actually think the weather is a little too hot – so I took the time to put together a list of my personal favorite ways to stay cool in this warm weather! Check it out:




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The Charactor Bachelorette – Week 3


Hey there! Welcome back to The Character Bachelorette Round 3. We only have 1 more round left after this, and then we’ll know the winner! I’m so happy with all the votes that were received – you guys truly do love these bachelors!  It looks like Brian Sloane and Sam Winston are two of the favorite bachelors so far… but that doesn’t mean to say that the others aren’t loved – they’ve all received many votes by YOU!

Unfortunately – they can’t all win! Today we must eliminate 2 of our bachelors… and I must say I’m sad to see these gentlemen go!  However, if you look below you’ll find out who made it through this round of votes, and who sadly must leave us! Read More »

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